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Approach to Treatment / Philosophy

Dr. Naesgaard has practiced Naturopathic Medicine since 1994 in North Vancouver. She has a deep commitment to helping her patients build a better life by moving beyond their symptoms & into wellness.

Dr. Naesgaard addresses symptoms & illness by assessing the imbalances that propelled you to your current state of discomfort/illness, especially for the chronic, degenerative & autoimmune diseases. Since this search can be simple or complicated, she utilizes many methods & technologies to test the cellular imbalances that are behind your present symptoms or illness.

Her patient–specific- treatments address the issue of excess physical, chemical, mental and/or emotional stress.

If the stressors are acutely or chronically excessive, the organs; systems loose the ability to eliminate, repair & restore functional balance.
This state of dysfunction in turn may result in one or more of the following:

  • Acute or Chronic illness: Colds, Flu, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, Bacteria infections, Fibromyalgia, Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome, Headaches of all types, Depression, Bipolar disorder.
  • Degenerative Disease: Cancer, Diabetes II, Alzheimers, Premature Aging, Osteoarthritis (Neck and Back Pain).
  • Auto-immune diseases in which your body’s immune system attacks different areas of your body: Grave’s (hyper-thyroid effect) & Hashimoto’s (hypo-thyroid effect), Lupus, Myasthenia Gravis (weakens muscles), Vitiligo ( skin depigmentation), Rheumatoid Arthritis (joints), Ulcerative Colitis (affects the top layer of the large intestine next to where the stool is, with swelling, tiny open sores producing pus), Crohns (all layers of the intestinal wall, especially the last part of the small intestine & the first part of the large intestine), Addison’s (hypo-adrenal function), Cushing’s (hyper adrenal gland)
  • Allergies: the great mimickers of other diseases (internal or external areas), range from hives to rashes to cramps to headaches & symptoms in any body area.

When patients seek health, Dr. Naesgaard will assess & address six major interferences which cause symptoms & illness:
1. Toxins
2. Emotions,
3. Nutritional imbalance
4. Adrenal Stress
5. Structure imbalance
6. Electrical pollution

For instance in allergies, she may first identify the specific allergy because of it’s negative impact on you. However, she will help you investigate & deal with the causes of your allergies under the above six categories detailed here for your convenience:
1. Toxins slow your body’s natural cleansing. Sources are Metabolic & Digestive wastes, Free Radicals, Heavy Metals, Environmental, Pollution, Biological Organisms (bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungii, yeasts).
2. Emotions including negative beliefs, emotional trauma, shamed subconscious, depression, anxiety.
3. Nutrition including dysfunctional digestion, inflammation, infection, degeneration, Leaky Gut, allergy program, SIBO, weight management.
4. Adrenal Imbalance: hyperactive or lethargic, varying degrees of fatigue/burnout, crying episodes, fear, depression, allergies, pain.
5. Structure of the spine/extremities/cranial bones/organs which controls body functions by way of the nerves, neurotransmitters & the circulation of blood & lymphatics : which affects emotions, digestion, pains in your back/neck, skin, rashes,  and more.
6. Electrical pollution including effects on the nervous system from direct current (DC) sources like computers, TV, microwave & communication systems.  These affect every aspect of your health.

See Health Tips

Dr. Heathir Naesgaard believes that we should recognize that our digestion & metabolism of our food plays a pivotal role in our health & diseases. We are wise to consider the use of our kitchens & special herbs to control our health such as in our blood sugar levels, allergies, hormones, heart health & energy, to name but a few. Our food choices do affect organ functions indirectly & directly. Food choices do alter your vitality on all levels: physical, mental, emotional.

We can see health & vitality from a different vantage. For instance, you may ask whether those symptoms are a disease or merely caused by an allergy? The next question becomes: are symptoms merely mimickers of a disease that we ourselves can actually treat via a natural approach, which is effective yet noninvasive. This can make health infinitely fascinating & the choices rewarding.

No Referrals are needed. Just phone 604-980-4181 for an appointment at 3731 Delbook Ave #1, North Vancouver, BC

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